Completely Free to Use

Quizinator is free to use, for as long as you want. Seriously.
Additional premium features will be available soon for a subscription, but the core features of Quizinator will always be free.

Flexible and Customizable

Use our customizable, drag and drop, question libraries to quickly create worksheets, studysheets, handouts, exams, quizzes, and more.

Access Online from Anywhere

With Quizinator, there is no need to move documents around with floppies or thumb drives, and you don't have to email them to yourself anymore either.

Automatic Daily Backups

All work is automatically backed up every night. Security and Data Integrity are our main priorities. You need Teacher Resources you can count on.

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With built-in web-based testing and community resources, it’s your online home for everything from lecture notes and lesson plans, to exams, studysheets, images, video, and test questions.

Fifty Sneakers:

Build Documents or Tests from Content Libraries

Content libraries allow you to create and store text content, questions, and rich media like images and video. Quickly build engaging documents and online tests from your library with easy placement and formatting.

Review Automatically Graded Results

All online student tests are automatically graded and summarized based on your preset score values. You can always review and adjust these results if you want, enabling you to give partial or extra credit at your discretion.

Track Student Performance with Chart Reporting

Automated performance monitoring allows you to easily track student performance for the life of your online test. Simplified reports provide scores and score distributions, test and question duration, and much more.

Form Communities to Share Resources with Colleagues

Fifty Sneakers provides the optional ability to form flexible communities and share content and resources with anyone of your choosing. This capability greatly expands your access to excellent content for your personal library.